Born and raised in Camden New Jersey, the world of art and I connected at age 3. I grew from learning and drawing from flash cards, to entering competitions in junior high. It was not just drawing that interested me in my teens. I chose to explore the entire gamut. I dabbled in singing, but it was not for me. I danced for 10 years with the Sydney School of Dance, which only enhanced my ability to free myself physically and mentally. I played the trumpet all thru junior high and high school. Through music I had the opportunity to play jazz with my high school ensemble in London. To this day I appreciate all forms of jazz, from Miles Davis, Duke Ellington to Rick Braun, Dave Cos, Chris Boti to Kaiko Matsui. I consider myself and art explorer; a seeker of self expression tools. Poetry is another passion of mine. I have a journal in which I have poems written from age 10 to age 30. It is like recording your life in code. In high school, I new I would be some sort of designer. My choices went from architect, mechanical engineering, to graphic design. Since college and to this day, Graphic Design is my love and profession, but Sculpting has become my passion. My sculptures actually feed from my design knowledge. 

I found screen mesh wire to be my voice for learning the most about the non-corporal me and for changing how people view themselves and life. My use of this medium introduces change and opens ones eyes to possibilities. Through this, my work crosses many barriers of race, class, gender, and socio-economy. Through these believes, I was grant a Leeway Grant in 2005 for a solo exhibit, which hosted over 200 guests. Sculpting is literally an extension of my existence. My work is inspired by self discovery and my life experiences. My work uses both sides of the brain, which is fascinating. It is a mathematical equation composed of light, space, balance, composition, simplicity, beauty, dimension and volume. Each piece carries its own story and poetic energy. Those who interact with my art automatically feel its energy, because the mind is not quite sure how to interpret was it is seeing. The eyes of the viewer are in disbelief, which makes them become that much more involved with each piece. The up close dramatic composition, the changing perspective views, and the transparent intricacies, leave a powerful impression with each viewer. Without these essentials, stands a simple piece of aluminum screen wire. 

My vision is to touch the lives of those who find it hard to express themselves, through any other means. I want my art to be that vessel, which others use to connect with their soul, inner-spirit, and/or memories. I want my art to serve as a way to seek inner-peace with stress, hardship, and life's uncertainties, while reflecting on life's treasures.

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